About Japheth Mwanthi


Japheth Mwanthi came to a living knowledge of Christ and salvation in 1968.

Having lived his first 10 years in the bondage of animism, he came to appreciate

the wonderful and precious privilege of being called out of darkness into our

Redeemer’s marvellous light.

After matriculating in Kenya he was offered a scholarship to the USA to train for

the ministry. He studied at Shelton College, Cape Canaveral, Florida, and then Faith

Theological Seminary, Elkins Park, PA, where he completed a D. Min. degree

When he had completed his studies he was asked to minister in a congregation of the

Bible Presbyterian Church of America in Trenton, NJ. However he became convinced

that there was a greater need for him back in Kenya and returned to labour for the

cause of the Gospel there. He has ministered in the Independent Presbyterian Church

since his return to Kenya in 1985.

Japheth Mwanthi is the Moderator of the Independent Presbyterian Church of Kenya,

which has some 80 congregations throughout Kenya. He has held this office for

a number of years.

Dr. Mwanthi also lectures at the IPC’s Reformed Bible College in Mwingi, where he

teaches Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology and Kiswahili. He is married to Sarah

and has four children, they live in Nairobi and attend the Mathare Valley IPC.